Shopall Sound

ShopAll SOUND brings an expansive assortment of earbuds, headphones, and mobility related items into the automated retail concept with half of the concept focused exclusively on earbuds/headphones (SOUND) and the other half focused exclusively on Mobility Necessities (mainly phone accessories which quickly become crucial when you are traveling). Our customers will be those typically traveling on longer flights. Although based on our experience we expect headphone sales to be the leading category, having the mobility section will strengthen overall sales and provide products and services to an even wider audience. Given our unique ability to customize the planogram, we’ll be able to maximize sales on a per unit basis by bringing more assortment and items of what is needed for the space rather than the other way around (as is today).

Why our concept and assortment work: we have learned from our automated retail experience that customers want options. Having options and different price points enables customers to pick and choose the right product for them. This means higher sales and more satisfied customers.

Our SOUND concept is branded, original, unique, and flexible. It is comprised of only major leading electronics brands at both entry and high price points to give passengers a wider assortment of options and be more inclusive. There really is something for everyone, the best value and price points for the quality of the electronics products offered.

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